About me

Welcome to my blog where I will write about my ideas, experiences and solutions I came across in my passion about Microsoft technologies in large,complex enterprise environments.

My name is Christian Baumgartner. I am living with wife and two lovely children in the middle of Germany.

I am working as a Principal Consultant for GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH. I worked for almost 8 years for a big international company but decided to switch sides in 2019 to help other people and companies with my knowledge and passion to successfully master their journey to a modern IT.

Connecting people through IT is my passion. I am always interested in the latest trends and technologies and incorporate them continuously into my daily work.  My expertise in the Microsoft environment is very profound and also very wide-ranging. It helps me to evaluate solutions and make decisions.  

Another of my strengths is the transfer of knowledge. My very good communicative and social skills come to the fore here. 

One of my main areas of interests is authentication and authorization along with identities and identity management. I also love to define and design IT solutions.

Why I am writing this blog? In the last years I often searched for answers for my very special and complex issues and most of the time I came across the standard answers how you would implement or solve this in a typical Contoso Inc. environment. But the real world of companies often look completely different and you have to find clever solutions. And this why I started this blog to give something back and try to help other people with similar issues.